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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work, I really appreciate your consideration.  I would love to treat you to a professional and fun makeup experience.  



Do you offer Air brushing?


Yes I do.  Although it is not suitable for all skin types or situations, which is why I also use traditional makeup and loose, highly pigmented mineral makeups.  


The Airbrush makeup I have chosen to  use is Elementwo. This is a premier lightweight silicone-based airbrush makeup, providing  flawless a HD-quality finish.  It is water and transfer resistant, meaning it will last.  I actually like to apply this by hand, as I can get a lovely fine finish which still shows off freckles, but the amount of coverage is totally up to your desires.




You've been doing makeup for twenty years, why aren't you more expensive?


Your wedding or special events photos will be the lasting memory of your day, and I believe having your hair and makeup done professionally can make the biggest difference to how you are captured.  


It is also super relaxing having your makeup done.  I am so passionate about everyone having the chance to feel like a goddess, as cliched as that sounds, so I have made my pricing realistic.  As a past bride I understand how every thing adds up.



Do you offer completely Mineral Based makeup, suitable for vegans?


Yes I do!  I am so pleased to announce that I am using Kylies Mineral Makeup in my kit now!  


You have to experience this makeup to believe it!  Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess Makeup:

• Doesn’t contain any nasties and is anti-inflammatory, so is fantastic for sensitive skin
• Is applied easily and in seconds. It is extremely durable and can be safely worn every day
• Is non clogging, allowing your skin to breathe.Can be safely worn while exercising
• Is healing, especially useful after cosmetic procedures or for acne prone skin.
• Has high water resistance and a high SPF and may be used wet or dry
• Is proven photographic and Video makeup that Can be used anywhere on your body
• Contains No Bismuth Oxycloride, Parabens, Sulphates or perfumes
• Is 100% talc, Lanolin and Gluten free
• Is 100% vegan - No animal content and cruelty free



How long does an application of take?


Auctual makeup application takes 4o minutes.  But, I always allow an hour for each person.  This takes into consideration the enevitable conversations and unexpected visitors and makeup perfecting.  

Allow an hour after I have finished for dressing and photos.

How can I prepare for you?


Skin:  Try to get fake tanning done at least two days before your event.  It is better to get a light tan than a dark tan, remember your husband probably won't be getting a spray tan, and I know in my wedding photos I was way too dark in comparasion to my husband and it just didn't look right.  Hind sight is a great thing isn't it.  Also, photographers say it is easier to photoshop un-spray tanned skin.  

If you would like to tan I can recommend tanners in your location.  Don't get your spay tan on your face, it can dry out the skin and also block pores leading to breakouts.


Exfoliate your facial skin once to twice a week, to eliminate any dry skin, and to allow your skincare to penetrate and work better for you.  The most important thing to do for yourself is plump up your skin from the inside. Makeup cannot change the texture of your skin. Taking Evening primrose oil or Flax Seed oil can do wonders for your skin.  Drink as much pure water as you can.  


On the day of your makeup have a straw for drinking through, so as to not disturb lipstick straight away. 


Area:  All I need is a good source of natural light and a small table.  I bring my makeup chair. You may like to organize some music for during your makeup.  I often find working in a kitchen works well, taking advantage of a small amount of covered bench space and usually they have the best light and are the hub of activity so family and friends can congreate.  I may also need access to an electrical socket.


Can't I just go to a makeup counter?


The cost of one foundation alone can easily be $90, let alone all the brushes etc etc So let yourself be pampered at your own convenient location  and you can be sure I am not trying to upsell you any unnecessary cosmetics that you may never use again or rush you through a look that is more about the palletes I need to sell, rather than what actually suits you. 


My price includes 20 years of experience, top quality products each chosen especially for you, positive vibes, lashes, travel to your private location at a time that suits you and most importantly, a guaranteed professional, fun and individualized experience. 


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